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Dr Marius Hannah - To Book an Appointment Call: 012 348 2974 or Click Here

Dr M Hannah Dermatology & Venereology
Contact Number
012 348 2974
92 Glenwood Street
Lynnwood Glen

Dr Marius Hannah is a Dermatologist practicing in Lynwood Glen, Pretoria.

He is the founder of both the LCM Skin and Laser Clinic and the Pretoria Dermatology Journal Club.

Dr Marius Hannah has a special interest in Dermatological Surgery and Laser Surgery for medical and cosmetic conditions, including, but not limited to, the following:

- Birthmarks
- Sunspots
- Pigment Disorders
- Warts
- Scars
- Stretch Marks
- Unwanted Hair
- Sun Damaged Skin
- Veins
- Wrinkles
- Dilated Pores
- Ageing Skin
- Botox
- Fillers
- Mesotherapy
- Ultraviolet Therapy for Psoriasis and Eczema
- Chemical Peels
- Photo Rejuvenating
- Omnilix - Light Therapies

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Patient Reviews


Dr Marius is a true specialist and the best dermatologist in town. Have known him for over 15 years with miracle upon miracle healing and cure from him in many problem that defies medical solution.
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Hi my neck , face and ears have turned very dark. It started 3yrs ago with a small round dark mark in the middle of my neck , and it spread very slowly, into my neck and face, and it's itching
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Me and my family are patients of dr. Hannah and he is the best!
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The best ever
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No respect for your patients!
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Dr Marius is absolutely AMAZING!!! Removed a few small moles on my face without ANY scars whatsoever. He is the best forsure!
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Dr Hannah is amazing he helped me with my psoriasis and helped me gain excessive confidence in my life I am eternally grateful.
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