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Dr Mokoma Paulus Mokonotela - To Book an Appointment Call:  0519240036 or Click Here

Dr Mokoma Paulus Mokonotela
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23 Joubert Street

Dr Mokoma Paulus Mokonotela is a General Practitioner servicing the Ladybrand.
Dr Mokoma Paulus Mokonotela considers it vital to approach each patient as an individual and strives for thoughtful excellence when attending to their health. Each patient is examined, diagnosed and treated to the best of Dr Mokoma Paulus Mokonotela's ability.
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Patient Reviews


I wonder if dr Mokonotela doesn't have a receptionist..every time when i call his reception to make an appointment it doesn't answered i realy need dr Mokonotela GP number to add him as My GP
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My mother actually. After the passing of my Father, our mother went into a tremendously critical state, she couldn't walk anymore. After we she was met with Dr Mokonotela, she came home on her feet.
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