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House of Sage
Contact Number
078 192 6944
76 De Bron Avenue

Cape Town
Dr Melissa Arendse is a naturopath in Durbanville, Cape Town.

She received her Masters Degree from the University of the Western Cape and focuses on healing, prevention and promoting health through diet and lifestyle changes.

Dr Melissa Arendse sees both adults and children, and has a special interest in patients suffering from Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Arthritis, Diabetes, Mellitus, Eczema, Constant Colds and Flu, Acne, Low Immunity, PMS, Menopause, Gastrointestinal Complaints, Cystitis and many more.

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Patient Reviews


Thank you Doc for the excellent service. To everyone out there, I would highly recommend Dr.Melissa. She assisted me with my lifelong struggle with allergies, utilising the natural medicine approach. My wedding day is approaching and her guidance, eating plan, tinctures, have me looking and feeling my best. I work with children and readily advise parents to take their kids to her.
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Dr Arendse has a holistic approach but at the same time considered my hectic lifestyle and daily routine. I was suprised that she could treat ailments,frequent aches and pains i have had for a very long time without any answer previously. As a result ive been receiving compliments about how young i look. Some say ten years younger. Thank you Doc, amazing work.
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