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Dr Naseem Ebrahim Motala - To Book an Appointment Call: 011 647 3562 or Click Here

Dr NE Motala - Linksfield Hospital
Contact Number
011 647 3562
Linksfield Hospital Suite 101
24 12th Avenue

Dr NE Motala - Parklane Clinic
Contact Number
011 642 6071
Parklane Clinic Doctors Rooms
Corner Junction Avenue & Park Lane

Dr Naseem Ebrahim Motala is a Gastroenterologist in Pretoria.

He works from two locations, one in Linksfield Hospital and the other at Parklane Clinic, in Johannesburg.

Dr Motala is a specialist physician with a special interest in Gastroenterology. This includes the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases affecting the stomach, liver, bowels, gallbladder and pancreas.

These diseases include peptic ulcer disease, acid reflux, inflammatory bowel diseases, hepatitis and cirrhosis as well as pancreatitis and gallbladder disease. Dr Motlana has also been trained to perform gastroscopies, colonoscopies and related procedures to assist with diagnosis and monitor the above diseases.

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Patient Reviews


Dr Motala is extremely professional and cares a great deal about his patients. a soft spoken, kind hearted man.
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When l was pregnant l suffered from heartburn then after giving birth it became worse and lead me to the ulcer.lm suffered whatever l eat pains me like crazy help doctor
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Morning i have been suffering stomach cramps & a running tummy for 5 days now i went to the pharmacy they prescribed some meds but no progress..Now i am not sure if i must consult.Please advice
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Wonderful Dr, incredible staff. I felt extremely comfortable and well taken cared of during my g and c scope today by Dr, anaesthetist, nurse and receptionist. Thank you all. Highly highly recommend.
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