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Dr Patrick Fieuw
Contact Number
021 871 1777
Bethel & Cheve Sports Grounds
27 Mill Street

Cape Town
Dr. Patrick Fieuw is a qualified General Practitioner as well as a qualified Homeopath. He is currently practicing by his private practice in Paarl, Cape Town.

Dr. Patrick Fieuw is able to assist patients with primary medical care. He uses homeopathy to treat his patients as he believes the body is capable of healing with the help of small amount of chemicals.

Dr. Patrick Fieuw's special interests and expertise are with:
-Alternative medicine
-Family medicine
-Integrative medicine
-Allopathic medicine
-Chronic illness
-Pain management

Dr. Patrick Fieuw uses various complementary techniques and disciplines. This includes:
-Electro dermal screening
-Conventional approaches


He treats patients with:
-Autoimmune disorders
-Chronic systemic illnesses

Dr. Patrick Fieuw will facilitate patients of all ages.

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Patient Reviews


This is the first doctor who was able to cure my chronic fatigue syndrom. My general practitioner gave me anti depressiva and I became addicte to it. The only doctor I will keep on visiting!
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Hi. I get allergic reaction from inhaling and eating. Get hives all over from head to toe and my face swells up bad.
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The treatment he gave me REALLY helped reduce my panic attacks - I've been on prescription meds for 20 years! Still on them but DEFINITELY worth seeing him. Going to go again shortly.
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Do not go here if you expect a doctor with a good view of conventional and alternative medicine. He is definitely ONLY practising homeopathy. Does not listen only talks. Poor diagnosis.
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