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Krugersdorp Private Hospital
Contact Number
011 953 4127
8 Burger Street

Dr Pieter Swart is a General Surgeon practising in Krugersdorp, Gauteng.

He attended the University of the Orange Free State and received his medical degree in 1989. He then went on to complete his Master of Medicine Degree, epuipping him to be able to practice General Surgery, in 1997.

He can assist patients with colectomies, incision and drainage of pelvic abscesses, as well as operations on gall bladders. He can also assist patients with tracheostomies.

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Patient Reviews


he does not inform his patients of the pros and cons of procedures as he should
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Dr Pieter Swart performed a sympatectomy operation to stop my hands from perspiring excessively in 2002. It has been a huge success! Thank you Dr Swart. You changed my life for the better!
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He instead of fixing my HI atus hernia performed a vagotomy and sine for the last four years am suffering with the dumping syndrome and taking injectins at the cost of R1000 per shot three times a day. He never gave me the any assistance siince and lavishes as a good surgeon neither does he discuss the lpros and cons of the procedure even after being asked
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He is amazing! I would never go to another surgeon ever again. He is thorough and he helps you until he finds out what the problem is. Absolute genius.
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